In Memoriam – Rudy Antolin, Jr.

In Memoriam

Rudy Antolin, Jr.

October 31, 1965 – August 23, 2020

The Filipino community has lost a beloved kababayan and inspirational musician.  Rodolfo “Rudy” Antolin, Jr. passed away on August 23, 2020.  Rudy is well-known for his humble yet strong presence in the choral and instrumental ensembles for many of our community events as well as Christian celebrations.  

Our loss will be felt most heavily at the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia, where he could be found every Saturday morning teaching and rehearsing the children of the Philippine Rondalla Ensemble of Virginia.  Rudy began instructing the rondalla over 20 years ago when the ensemble was first organized as the Pampango Youth Rondalla.  We are eternally grateful for his dedication to the children.  He not only taught them how to play our traditional Filipino music, but he also shared his personal orchestral compositions with us, which we were privileged to embrace as part of our repertoire.  Rudy was inspired and proud that the rondalla was able to perform his pieces, and he experienced such joy to be able to perform with them.  He left them with the legacy of challenging their creative boundaries.  

His soul will live on in our hearts with every melody that we strum with “Alegria.”  We love him and miss him.

Arlene J. Fontanares, MD
Philippine Rondalla Ensemble of Virginia