Reconnecting with PREVa

PREVa REMINDS US….  “MAG MASK MUNA TAYO” (Let’s wear a mask)!

Led by Christopher and Anthony Asuncion, our 26 PREVa students (Please see Membership List at end of post) gathered via Zoom for rehearsals after the first four months of being separated during the COVID quarantine.  It was heartwarming to see their amused expressions, hear the usual giggles, and listen to them strumming tremolos across the computer screen.  In looking back at the past few months, our students have expressed how much they miss seeing each other, their teachers, and learning new songs.  They especially miss playing their instruments together.  Overall, they appreciate learning about their Filipino heritage in a fun way while sharing their love for music and spreading joy.  Staying socially distanced and masked outside our beloved PCC, the ensemble was excited to reunite to film our public service announcement for the community. We thank our instructors, Mr. Jojo Alvoir and Mrs. Grace Lanada for their inspiration and commitment. 

Dr. Arlene Fontanares
CUFOT First Vice Chairman

Active PREVa Membership 2020

  • Mr. Jojo Alvior–instructor   
  • Mrs. Grace Lanada–instructor
  • Dr. Arlene Fontanares–director
  • Christopher Asuncion—junior director   
  • Ladeemae Alvior   
  • Desiree Arais
  • Molly Arais   
  • Munrei Arais
  • Anthony Asuncion   
  • Angelina Bailey   
  • Amelfa Castro   
  • Art Castro   
  • Reagan Davis   
  • Jace Gatbonton
  • Niko Gatbonton   
  • Laiku Ilao
  • Malaya Ilao   
  • Leeian Lee   
  • Derrick Maranan   
  • Lebron Maranan
  • Ethan Marcelo   
  • Max Marcelo
  • Bianca Samson   
  • Kristen Tan
  • Angelo Yambao   
  • Gabby Yambao
  • Ernie Yang   
  • Jillian Yang
  • Alexa Yerro   
  • Jude Yerro