PCC Volunteers Sewing Masks for the USS Roosevelt

Missing their weekly gathering at PCC, a group SCAPA parents and friends, organized by Janet Rickett, channeled their pent up energy to a worthy cause—ensuring the health and safety of the service men and women of the USS Roosevelt.  During the COVID quarantine, our creative team sewed beautiful double-layered cotton facemasks for the naval crew to assist with mitigation measures for the transmission of COVID-19.  The ship was deployed with the 7th fleet in the Pacific when COVID-19 affected sailors as they were marooned in Guam.   A total of 250 masks were shipped to and distributed to the sailors. 

Kudos to Irene Jaro, Lita Heninger, Emma Echols, Purita Agbuya, Merlyn Benedicto, Beth Benedicto, Sonia Morit, and Esterlinda Parilla for their efforts in helping to defend our country’s frontline servicepeople from the Coronavirus.  Along with the sewing efforts, materials and shipping expenses were donated by the volunteers.  Although all of the crew was so grateful for the donation, the sailor who appreciated it the most was our own E-4 Lorrine Rickett–SCAPA graduate, daughter of Janet Rickett and the newest PS-2 personnel services staff onboard.

–Dr. Arlene Fontanares,  CUFOT 1st Vice-chairman