CUFOT Organizations

The PCC is supported by membership from organizations and individuals looking to help continue our mission of developing and maintaining the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia as a central location for presenting cultural events and other civic, charitable, religious, scientific and educational functions.  The following is a list of current organizations/members:

Member Organizations: *Bolded text indicates a Founding Member of CUFOT. UNDERLINE Indicates an Available Web Page

Batangas Association of Hampton Roads

Board of Trustees

Botolan Association

Filipino Women’s Club of Tidewater VA, Inc. 

Filipino-American Bayanihan Association

Filipino-American National Historical Society

Filipino-American Veterans of Hampton Roads and Ladies of Auxiliary

Holy Mary Mother of God Faith Community

Kahirup Tidewater Foundation

Lady of Namacpacan Association of America

Mrs. Philippines and Court Society

Pampango Language Club

Pangasinan Association of Virginia

Philippine-American Community of Peninsula

Pilipino Nurses for Cultural Advancement

Samahang Tagalog

Sister Cities Association of Virginia Beach

United Fellowship Association of Virginia

United Ilocano Association of Tidewater, Inc.

Young Filipino-American Modern Dancers